Soy Free Vegan Protein Powder

Soy Free Vegan Protein Powder

I spent nine months training for an ironman and the one thing it really reinforced was that soy free vegan protein powder is key. Without proper nutrition, one can only do so well. That’s the inspiration behind this product and company - the world’s best sports nutrition for the serious athletes out there. Serious athletes that want the best for themselves and the best for their performance. 

Coming from a sports background of being a boxer, cyclist, and a soccer player, I understand how important nutrition is. It really needs to compliment the body well to increase performance. Nutrition is also key to great and long lasting health. 

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My story with nutrition dates back to 2015 when I cycled across America for charity. This cycling ride taught me the importance of nutrition and led me to starting Ryders Nutrition. An energy bar company dedicated to providing nutritious food to improve health. I always thought most bars on the market were unhealthy (many still are), and this year has really reinforced that into me.

The options in Denmark are even less than in the US and almost all bars have sugar. All protein powder here is whey (very few vegan ones) and even fewer vegan proteins with all amino acids necessary. The majority taste extremely sandy and gritty as well. 

I knew that creating a good tasting vegan protein powder would be huge! And a game changer. An absolute game changer because this hasn’t been done. 

There has been zero to no innovation in nutrition for the past thirty years. Just different types of protein powder with 5 grams of BCAAs of something. How come there has been more innovation in sports drinks than in proteins and digestible food types? Energy bars for instance. Most melt while cycling, and others taste awful. Why do things have to taste bad to be healthy? 

Well they shouldn’t have to. The Plant Era is here to save the day! With great tasting protein powder. Great tasting vegan protein powder with no artificial sweeteners. 

Some might have a strawberry flavor with some creatine. But nothing designed to fuel your performance completely naturally! With no artificial crap. 

We developed a great protein shake with a ton of healthy ingredients for your health, wellbeing, and performance. After trying it, you’ll also probably think it’s one of the most tasty protein powders available! 

Our Protein powder has some of the best features out there. Tasty, wholesome, and clean ingredients designed to increase your performance. Our powder has all the complete amino acids (twenty) necessary to fuel your success in your journey.

This is key because amino acids are the building blocks of protein. With only some of them you might get some benefits versus all of them. Amino acids are one of the most important things when looking at buying a protein powder. They can also repair aspects of the body. 

Soy Free Vegan Protein for Muscle Growth

For instance, certain amino acids help with muscle growth, muscle recovery, hair, nails, and bones. Others help with other things in the body but overall it’s best to try and get them all in to get the maximum benefits. 

The protein we use has all the amino acids because it is a combined protein source of peas and rice. One serving has over twenty grams of organic protein. We chose to use peas and rice because they compliment each other well, are high in protein, and full of other benefits. 

Unlike Eas soy vegan protein powder, our product is soy free. I have found soy can upset my stomach a bit and firmly believe peas and rice are a better protein source for holistic improvement to health. 

Peas are great for the body because they have tons of antioxidants. Antioxidants are key for making the body it’s healthiest. They are the things that help the body fight bad chronic diseases like cancer and other illnesses. 

Antioxidants can also aid in muscle recovery because they decrease inflammation. Hence why going plant based helps a lot (vegetables are filled with antioxidants)! 

The only con is pea protein powder lack one amino acid. Not to worry as rice is a complete protein with all twenty amino acids. Full of vitamin A, C, K, folate, phosphorus, and manganese, peas are great for the body. 

Rice is another great protein source. Although it is filled with all amino acids, it’s a bit low in one which peas are high in. Therefore they’re great for each other. Rice is also great for the body and protein powder because it digests very easily. 

Given that we use peas, our vegan protein powder soy free is filled with great vitamins and minerals for the body. We decided to take it a step further though. We supplemented the product with vitamin B12. 50% of your daily needs for B12 can be gained through our product. 

The majority of vegans who don’t supplement their diets have a deficiency in vitamin b12. This is due to the fact that b12 is gained through animals and dairy because pesticides have gotten rid of b12 on plants. 

We've included your missing B12 Vitamins

It’s been noted that up to 30% of the population may suffer from vitamin b12 deficiency. This could be due to their diet, or even if they have a certain disease like IBS, crones, colitis, or other similar diseases. Our vegan soy free protein powder will certainly help prevent this with the added B12. As my family suffers from colitis, I knew that this was extremely important to me.

A deficiency in B12 can result in a slew of problems. Problems could relate to metabolism, mental well being, but primarily fatigue. Without B12 your body will drastically lack energy. 

B12 is critical to ensuring your body is full of energy and in a good mood. Our high quality plant based protein powder is great for that considering we have 50% of it. 

We have also supplemented the protein blend with 35% of your daily iron. This is another key part of nutrition many vegans lack. Having a deficiency in iron can cause anemia.  

With over 20 grams of protein per serving and all the essential amino acids, that puts us in the race for the world’s best protein. What really makes a huge difference is that the product is fully organic and tastes great. This is also great for the environment because organic ingredients are extremely sustainable compared to non organic products and ingredients. 

Not only do we have extremely sustainable ingredients, but we also pledged to donate 1% of profits to the United Nations. All profits will be fighting climate change and other environmental projects. The UN is suffering a cash crisis due to members not paying so this helps them a great deal. 

Being a clean label product, and of The Plant Era, we are dairy free and free of all artificial ingredients and no added sugar. Available in two flavors: chocolate flavor and strawberry flavor, we will release a vanilla flavor next year along with a strictly brown rice protein. All will be free from artificial sweeteners, as our pledge is to greater health. 

We recommend mixing one scoop with 300ml of your favorite liquid (water, soy milk, almond milk, etc.) and shaking it up for thirty seconds. I like to drink mine cold, but everyone has their preferences. 

An alternative method of drinking the product is blending it into a protein smoothie. I love mixing one scoop with a few ice scoops, frozen blueberries, bananas, chia seeds, hemp seeds, spinach, spirulina, and every other superfood I can think of. It is delicious! 

When I start my mornings off with a breakfast smoothie, I find that i’m much more disciplined with my eating for the rest of the day. It really helps me start out on the right foot for the day. Not to mention it is a low cal meal. It’s high in fiber, antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and protein thanks to our vegan protein powder with no soy. 

As of right now, our price for one kilo of Non soy vegan protein powder is $65 for one. If you enrol in the subscription today you’ll save $10 a month and pay a bit over $1 per serving. I know right - what a deal! 

The future is absolutely The Plant Era. Plant-based diets are infinitely more healthy, and better for your performance. When I went plant-based I lost loads of weight, gained muscle, and felt better mentally. 

When I would go cycling my times increased tremendously, but the biggest difference I noticed was actually in my pullup strength. I just didn’t seem to get tired (this was from a month of plant based eating). Another massive difference I noticed was that my recovery times increased loads. 

Going plant based is the obvious choice for your health, performance, and the planet. It is the most sustainable diet on Earth and saves loads of resources. We are currently producing enough resources to feed the world, but much of the world lives in poverty without food! 

This is because of the food which the agriculture industry uses! It’s an absolute shame. Why not go plant based? It’s better for your health too and has been shown to prevent cancer. It makes a lot of sense due to the high level of antioxidants in the food. 

The Plant Era wants to be their best. We are aiming for the stars with our products, our CSR, and our company. We want to be the best we can be. And we want you to be the absolute best you can be. 

We are for the relentless. Those who refuse to give up on themselves, their goals, and their dreams. The hustlers and entrepreneurs, CEOs and analysts, the students and ambitious. We’re there for everyone. 

Everyone who wants to become their best version. That’s what we’re about! 

Because why should you settle? Why should you settle for anything less than the best? 

The answer is you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Never settle. Never give up. Never ever give up! When the going gets tough, is when you need to push through your hardest. 

Push through and give it your all. 

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