Introduction Kit (3x Strawberry-Basil & 3x Dark Chockolate)


Would you like to try our vegan organic protein and find out for yourself which flavor you like the most?

The Introduction Kit is the perfect introduction to our vegan organic, high-quality protein. 

Our sample kit contains three Strawberry-Basil samples and three Dark Chocolate samples á 30 grams each. 

  • Lose Fat: Low carb and fat option with 21 grams of pea and rice protein
  • Organic Clean Label: Nothing artificial, no sugar, and 95% organic product
  • Improve Health: Benefits the body with 20 amino acids
  • Fight Fatigue: 50% of the daily vitamin B12 in the product
  • Tasty: A delicious and smooth tasting vegan protein powder 

The first sample kit is 9(excluding shipping). The first 14 days is a non-binding trial period, after which each shipment is $58, corresponding to 33 servings (1 kilo). You choose how often you want it delivered below. If you don't opt-out of the subscription within 14 days of your order, your subscription will continue. We will call you within the 14 days from your purchase to hear your feedback and to hear what flavor you wish in your subscription. You can change, renew, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time by contacting 

Autoship & Save 10%
21 Grams of Organic Protein
50% of Vitamin B12
Complete Amino Acid Profile
Clean Label

State of the Art Vegan Protein

The Plant Era was developed by an Ironman for the purpose of staying on the top of your game, regardless of whether it’s for a demanding career or your daily workout. After trying multiple vegan protein powders, he decided to create a best in class product worth consuming for any full or partly plant based individual. Every ingredient has a specific purpose to help you reach your greatest version.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They're essential for muscle recovery, the immune system, and a range of other purposes. The Plant Era protein contains all 20 amino acids (essential and non-essential) to enhance your recovery and health.

50% Vitamin B12

We chose to supplement the product with 50% of your daily vitamin B12 to fight fatigue, enhance energy levels, and improve your mood. Added bonus: for those on plant-based diets, this is key to fight B12 deficiencies stemming from your diet.

Why Consider Plant-Based

Plant-based diets are an excellent way to improve your health, enhance athletic performance, and benefit the environment.


As an athlete, it’s especially great given that plant-based diets are associated with lower BMI’s and faster recovery times due to the high antioxidant and low saturated fat levels.