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Our nutrient dense, and delicious Dark Chocolate vegan protein powder has helped thousands of people across the world, including Chelsea striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, tone, build, and recover lean muscle. 


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Features & Benefits

The Plant Era protein powder has been scientifically formulated over the course of a year and half to support muscle recovery, enhance energy levels, and reduce fatigue. Our combination of pea and rice protein with vitamin b12 and iron will help you seize the day and accomplish your goals! After having the product, you’ll better understand why superstar athletes like Pierre choose to use The Plant Era protein powder. The protein powder has a range of benefits over the competitors. We chose to use peas and rice to ensure that our protein powder would have a complete amino acid profile, ensuring that your body is optimizing your workouts. Tone. Build. Refuel. Amino acids are essential for your recovery, muscle toning and growth, immune system, and a range of other purposes. This is where the true value of a protein powder is found. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and essential amino acids (EAAs) provide your body with the nutrients needed to recover effectively and optimize your workout purpose (fat loss, muscle toning or gaining, and performance). Many vegan protein powders lack all of the amino acids needed, but The Plant Era protein powder has all the necessary amino acids to help you excel everyday. A Mission to Develop the World’s Best Sports Nutrition Our protein has more vitamin b12 in it than any other protein powder on the market, along with a range of other benefits our competitors lack. - 4 BCAAs to do the best for your body and the environment - 50% of your needed b12 to enhance energy, reduce fatigue, and fight deficiencies - Lose weight with a healthy, nutrient dense food to supplement your diet - Low carb and fat option with 2g per serving for both No artificial sweeteners. No soy. No dairy. No gluten. No sugar. No BS. Most importantly, we spent a year and a half developing a vegan protein powder that we are proud of which is nutritionally complete, soluble in liquid, and tasty! Our protein powder tastes natural and smooth - something which we believed vegan protein powders vastly lacked in and a driving force behind founding The Plant Era.
The Plant Era Subscription gives customers the option to have a discounted product automatically delivered to them as frequently as they like (every 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks). The subscription plan can be canceled by logging into their account and updating their subscription details or by emailing - expect a response back within 1 business day. You may cancel your subscription at any time free of charge. If you are on a 4 week plan, your product would be shipped out every 4 weeks, and arrive 4-5 business days after.
Ingredients: Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Natural Flavoring, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Chloride, Stevia Extract, Vitamin B12.
There are a range of benefits by using vegetable based protein versus animal or dairy, but perhaps the most overlooked quality is the nutrient density and impact it can have on the diet and caloric intake. For example, a ribeye has 22 grams of fat. a porkchop has 14 grams of fat, and chickpeas have 6 grams of fat (all per 100 grams). This can make a huge difference if you're trying to lose weight or maintain caloric goals.
Vitamin B12 is critical to keeping you healthy, energized, and in a positive mindset. Up to 15% of the normal population may suffer from vitamin b12 deficiency, and up to 85% of those on a plant-based diet. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause weakness and fatigue, nerve problems like numbness, difficulty walking, balancing, and thinking, anemia, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, gas, and mental changes like depression, memory loss, and behavioral changes. It also helps your body operate and perform key functions like bone health and preventing birth defects as well as macular degeneration - a disease which causes blindness. We’ve supplemented The Plant Era protein powder with 50% of your required vitamin b12 to ensure you’re gaining enough vitamin b12 on a daily basis. Aside from meat and dairy products, you can also gain vitamin b12 from fortified breakfast cereals, plant-based milks, vegan spreads, rice, energy bars, and supplements.
Vegan protein powder has numerous benefits over whey protein. For those unfamiliar with the terms, whey protein powder is sourced from the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production. Our vegan protein powder is naturally sourced from peas and rice. There are a range of benefits to take into consideration when deciding to choose vegan protein powder or whey. Digests Better Plant-based protein powder digests easier than whey protein for the majority of people. Much of this is due to the human body being unable to digest dairy. The U.S. National Library of Medicine estimates that approximately 65% of the population are predisposed to being lactose intolerant. Those of East Asian descent are most at risk with 70-100% of the population being affected; People of Italian, Greek, Jewish, Arab, and West African descent are also highly inclined to being lactose intolerant. Nutrient Dense Plant-based proteins are much more nutrient dense foods than dairy and contain a range of powerful nutrients and antioxidants to improve your overall health and well-being. Consider how you feel after eating a salad versus a milkshake, or dairy based foods. For those interested in their calorie count, think of it as you just get more bang for your buck with a range of benefits with plant-based food over dairy. Performance A plant-based diet is increasingly better known to improve athletic performance than other diets. It’s been shown to increase blood flow, improve muscle efficiency, speed up recovery time, and lower body fat. A recent study has demonstrated that vegan protein powder is equally effective as whey protein powder for performance, strength, and body composition as a supplement. Peas and rice in combination have a complete amino acid profile, just as whey protein powder, which is most often the primary criticism of vegan protein powder. The Environment A plant-based protein powder is significantly better for the environment. Plant-based diets on average save 1,110 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 sq. feet of land, and 20 pounds of CO2 equivalent per day. Livestock also accounts for 45% of the world’s total land usage with one acre of land being able to produce 250 pounds of meat, or 24,670 pounds of plant-based food. Not only are less resources used, but many resources are also saved. One to two acres of forest are destroyed every minute for livestock. Most importantly, plant-based diets are responsible for a great decrease in carbon emissions compared to diets that have meat and dairy in them. Eating one hamburger is equivalent to running your car for three weeks. There could be even be a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions if people were to shift to a plant-based diet. But not everyone needs to go completely vegan. Small changes can make a huge difference for the environment. If every American reduced their chicken intake by one serving weekly, the result would be the same as taking half a million cars off the road.
When should I use The Plant Era Protein Powder? Our protein powder is a super versatile food to fuel you with your everyday goals and life. 1. Pre / Post workout - to support muscle recovery after the gym, have a shake 30 minutes after, or even before, you train. Be mindful of if your body can handle a shake before you workout though. You can mix one scoop with 300ml of water, milk, or plant-based milk and shake it for 1-2 minutes. If you want to reduce your calories, then may want to stick with water and vice versa, for milk and increasing calorie count. Alternatively, you can blend The Plant Era protein powder with your favorite fruits, veggies, ice, and liquid in a blender. This will optimize workout results and support muscle growth or fat loss during this window. 2. Breakfast - make yourself a nice breakfast smoothie, or mix it with oats or pancakes to start your day with a healthy, and most importantly, nutrient dense, meal. 3. Baking - you can use our protein powder for all of your baking needs including in brownies, cakes, cookies, and more.
Amino Acid - Value per 30g Alanine - 1.04g Arginine - 1.84g Aspartic acid - 2.43g Cysteine - 0.31g Glutamic Acid- 3.48g Glycine - 0.94g Histidine - 0.53g Isoleucine - 0.99g Leucine - 1.89g Lysine - 1.47g Methionine - 0.31g Phenylalanine - 1.06g Proline - 0.98g Serine - 1.14g Threonine - 0.85g Tryptophan - 0.21g Tyrosine - 0.88g Valine - 1.05g
Given that chocolate is everyone’s favorite dessert, we couldn’t leave it out as a flavor. Widely considered an indulgent, dark chocolate is actually a super-food with incredible benefits. It has a range of benefits for the body and is even known to enhance athletic performance because of the improved oxygen flow. Cacao also serves the body as a line of defense with antioxidant properties that can fight disease. Have you ever felt much better after eating a sliver of Dark Chocolate? That’s because it also provides neurological effects, including the ability to fight cognitive disease, improving focus, fighting depression, and boosting your mood. Much of this is due to the magnesium in the food. However, keep in mind that everything is better in moderation.
The saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen” couldn’t ring more true. Losing body fat is about living a healthy lifestyle, eating nutrient dense foods, and ensuring your calorie intake is lower than the amount of calories you burn. Eating nutrient dense foods is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when trying to lose body fat. For instance, a King Size Twix bar has 477 calories with 24g of fat, 4.7g of protein, 62g of carbs, and 46g of sugar. A Plant Era smoothie has 120 calories, 2g of fat, 2g of carbs, 21g of protein, and no sugar. This is key to ensuring that you don’t feel hungry and eat less throughout the day, so yes, healthy options like The Plant Era can assist in your goals, but consistency and discipline is required.
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State of the Art Nutrition

The Plant Era was developed by an Ironman for the purpose of staying on the top of your game, regardless of whether it’s for a demanding career or your daily workout. After trying multiple vegan protein powders, he decided to create a best in class product worth consuming for any full or partly plant based individual. Every ingredient has a specific purpose to help you reach your greatest version.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They're essential for muscle recovery, the immune system, and a range of other purposes. The Plant Era protein contains 18 amino acids (essential and non-essential) to enhance your recovery and health

50% Vitamin B12

We chose to supplement the product with 50% of your daily vitamin B12 to fight fatigue, enhance energy levels, and improve your mood. Added bonus: for those on plant-based diets, this is key to fight B12 deficiencies stemming from your diet.

Why Consider Plant-Based

Plant-based diets are an excellent way to improve your health, enhance athletic performance, and benefit the environment.

As an athlete, it’s especially great given that plant-based diets are associated with lower BMI’s and faster recovery times due to the high antioxidant and low saturated fat levels

Our Story

The Plant Era was formed by Nicholas Orsini who discovered the power of plant-based diets while training for an Ironman. His recovery accelerated and performance was improved through a lower body fat, better mental clarity, and greater health. Since a cycling trip across America in 2015, Orsini was constantly disappointed in the sports nutrition options out there due to the added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and lack of natural options. Not to mention, most had poor solubility, texture, and taste. It was from these holistic experiences that The Plant Era was born, and after nine months of trial and error, a product he was finally happy with was developed.

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