Fighting Climate Change and Environmental Issues


Eating a plant-based diet improves not only your health, but also the planet. With climate change, the Amazon fire, floods, and a range of other environmental issues, it was an easy decision to choose to support an environmental charity with our company. 


We decided to take it a step further. Who really drives forward the most work towards improving climate change, humanity, and the planet? The United Nations. 


The United Nations is having a record-level cash crises due to member states not paying (they have an outstanding amount of $1.9bn).


This can endanger numerous climate change and environmental projects. 


The Plant Era will donate 1% of annual profits towards the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, who's work supports numerous environmental projects to benefit the planet and humanity, such as: 

  • Supported the Salkhit Wind Farm in Mongolia supplying renewable energy, creating jobs and investment, and reducing CO2 emissions in Mongolia
  • Supported RIPPLE Africa (a UK charity) in replacing 40,000 traditional stone cooking fires with safer fuel efficient stoves in Malawai to prevent deforestation and respiratory diseases in the local community  
  • Supported the Chacayes Hydroelectric Project in Chile which also supplies renewable energy, but also curbs CO2 emissions and develops the growth of the local community