Frequently Asked Questions answers common questions about The Plant Era, the products, and other queries. If you have another questions, please email support@theplantera.com or message us on Facebook or Instagram. We are also available at +45 31 14 41 24. 



  • Where are Plant Era products made?
    • All products are made in the United Kingdom. 
      • Are all Plant Era products vegan? 
        • All Plant Era products are proudly vegan. Unlike many competitors all of our products made are vegan.
        • Are Plant Era products gluten-free?
          • All Plant Era products are gluten-free.
          • When should I take Plant Era protein powder?
            • The protein powder is designed for muscle recovery and enhancement. Therefore, it is best to consume 30 minutes after exercise for recovery. However, Plant Era protein powder may be consumed prior to exercise or as a protein shake as a snack or breakfast. 
          • How should I consume Plant Era protein powder?
            • Mix 300 ml of your favorite liquid (water, soy milk, etc.) with one scoop of the protein powder. Shake for thirty seconds and enjoy. 
            • Alternatively, blend it in a smoothie with fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients.
            • Do Plant Era products contain caffeine? 
              • Plant Era products contain no caffeine. 
              • Can I cook with Plant Era protein powder?
                • Yes, you may mix our product into recipes to give a higher protein intake.
                • How do I clean my Plant Era Protein Shaker?
                  • We recommend hand washing it. After washing, you should air dry the bottle.
                  • We don't recommend using a dishwasher as it may chip away the paint. 


                • Can I order a different size for the protein powder?
                  • At this time, only one size is offered. We will be offering a smaller size in the future. 
                  • What if I need to change my order?
                    • Please reach out to support@theplantera.com immediately. 
                    • What is the return policy?
                      • If you're not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30 day money back refund guarantee for all customers. 
                      • Please contact support@theplantera.com to get started. All shipping fees are nonrefundable.
                      • Can I exchange the apparel clothing for a different size?
                        • We offer a 30 day acceptance to exchange clothing for a different size. Please email support@theplantera.com.


                      • What are the benefits of subscribing? 
                        • All subscriptions cost $15 less per month than the one time purchase price and all subscribers receive a 10% discount on other apparel. 
                        • Subscribers are the first to find out all Plant Era news: product releases, partnerships, events. 
                        • Subscriptions are flexible with the ability to cancel at any time. 
                        • How do I change my subscription?
                          • All changes regarding altering your subscription (skipping a month, changing flavors, or how often it's received) can be discussed with the contact team at support@theplantera.com.
                          • Does the billing occur on the same day each month?
                            • The billing is based on a 30-day renewal and is therefore charged on the same day each month. 
                            • You will receive an email on week prior to give you a heads up before your account is charged. 
                            • How do I cancel my subscription?
                              • You may cancel your subscription through your account page or by contacting our support team at support@theplantera.com.


                            • Where does Plant Era ship? 
                              • We currently ship to all fifty states in the U.S., Australia, Canada, the EU, and Japan. 
                              • How much is shipping? 
                                • We offer free shipping for orders over $40. Shipping costs $5 for orders under $40. 
                                • Does Plant Era offer expedited shipping? 
                                  • We offer expedited shipping for $10. 
                                  • When will my order be received?
                                    • You will be sent an update with tracking information for you to track the package. It should arrive within 4-5 days depending on location. 
                                  • Who should I reach out to for partnership, affiliate, or wholesale opportunities?
                                    • Contact the support team at support@theplantera.com.