Vegan Protein Powder Samples

Vegan Protein Powder Samples

There is a good reason why most protein shakes taste the same. Most of them are made using the same ingredients.

When we first started Plant Era, we decided to use better ingredients like pea rice and raw protein. It turns out that these decisions mattered because buyers noticed the difference.

Although we are happy with the product we offer, our search doesn’t stop here. 

We continue to improve our product and offer top-quality vegan protein powder samples to all of our customers to try.

If you are new to Plant Era, allow us to introduce you to our best protein powder samples - Dark Chocolate Plant-Based Protein Powder and Strawberry-Basil Plant-Based Protein Powder. 

The protein powder is suitable for anyone. Both powders have a delicious taste. We don’t use artificial flavorings or substitutes, yet, you can feel the taste of chocolate and strawberry melting in your mouth. 

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For the best results, we recommend using our protein powder daily. To make a real difference in your lifestyle, Plant Era powder should be part of your diet.

Breakfast or after-workout meals make sense for most of our buyers as it is easy to prepare. Our powder can also be used for lunch when you don’t have time to cook.

Not sure which flavor you want to try? Are you having trouble deciding on a vegan protein sample?

Subscribe now and get 20% off premium vegan protein powder. We are now offering sample packs in both flavors. You can try any flavor in our premium Plant Era line before ordering.

Our powder sample range is excellent for anyone who is looking at joining the vegan club. By trying our delicious flavors, you'll see that being vegan isn't hard, and you don't have to sacrifice taste.

If you want to implement plant-based meals in your diet, our homemade protein powder can enrich your menu. Or maybe you've already tried the chocolate flavor, and you want to try something different. Whether the reason is, our samples will help you awaken your senses and discover the best taste for you.

It is very important for us to offer quality protein options for all athletes while acknowledging their dietary choices. Our homemade creations will help you stay on top of your game, whether you are doing daily workouts or pursuing a demanding sports career. After trying our vegan powder, you will immediately notice the difference in your performance and health in general.

Whether you try one or both of them, you will discover that the Plant Era powder is perfect for you. 

Get your sample now!

How to Get Your Vegan Protein Powder Samples

Plant Era protein powder is better than any protein you’ve tried so far. It is organic, homemade, soy-free, and vegan. Made with different plant-based protein sources, you will get all the essential amino acids your body needs.

Amino acids are essential for the immune system, muscle recovery, and other health reasons. Our protein contains all 20 amino acids to increase your recovery and boost your health. It is a great product to get enough protein in your meals without having to make any massive changes.

So, are you looking for a high-quality protein powder that will help you increase your recovery and improve your overall health? 

Plant Era is all you need. 

How to get your protein powder samples?

For your sample, fill in your details. Don’t forget to subscribe and get 20% off premium organic vegan protein.

Enter your name, email, and address, and we'll send you samples from your favorite taste.

Click here to get your sample packs and freebies.

What to expect from our protein powder samples?

Our premium protein powders (chocolate and strawberry-basil) contain up to 90% protein. Easy digesting and fast-absorbing, one scoop contains as much protein as four eggs, one chicken breast, and three broccoli heads. 

Customers love our product because there is nothing artificial inside. When it comes to a healthy diet and nutrition, we believe that nutrition is key. We hand-select all ingredients, and therefore we manage to offer a unique flavor experience.

All good vegan products contain zero sugars. Nasty additives are our mortal enemies, and they don't belong in healthy protein powder samples. The sweetness of our product comes from organic ingredients.

Free from hormones and chemicals, all of our protein powder samples are gluten-free and GMO-free. 

We aren’t going to let you go after you try our delicious samples. A few days after you get your samples, we will send you an email to remind you to make the first order.

So, which taste is your hidden pleasure?

Are you a chocolate lover, or you prefer something fruity instead?

Whatever you want, we are here to please your needs.

Pea Rice: The Secret Formula for Quality Vegan Protein Powder

Pea and rice are powerful on their own. However, when combined, they are the best vegan protein powder that can compete with animal proteins and meet the demands of professional and hard-training athletes.

Pea rice protein is a godsend for athletes. These two protein sources bring none of the soy's hormonal effects, and they are far less likely to qualify as GMO. 

Pea rice is the secret to our success.

To make a quality vegan protein powder, you must use quality ingredients. We handpick all the ingredients, and all of our customers can immediately notice the difference. Samples are not an exception.

Through our vegan protein samples, we want our clients to see how carefully each ingredient is picked and how devoted we are in the mission to provide every athlete with the right formula. Better performance and more energy are some of the benefits you can expect. 

Thanks to pea and rice protein, Plant Era protein powder comes in two flavors.

Chocolate and strawberry may seem boring. However, one sip and you will realize our flavors are anything but boring.

Chocolate is everyone's favorite, and let's face it - you can't go wrong with chocolate. Our protein powder has a hint of coconut and rich, dark flavor. Our customers love it plain and in recipes like brownies, smoothies, and homemade ice cream.

The beauty of strawberry is that you can mix it with any flavor you want. It is a great baking flavor, and you can use it for cookies, smoothies, cakes, pancakes, and more. Our strawberry protein powder is spiced up with basil aroma. It's unique and perfect!

If you’ve never tried our chocolate or strawberry-basil protein powder before, this is the perfect chance to order a sample.

Try the flavor of your choice before committing to a larger order. You can try either chocolate or strawberry-basil or both.

Get your vegan protein powder samples here!

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