Vegan Pea Rice Protein Powder

Vegan Pea Rice Protein Powder

The Plant Era is a vegan pea rice protein powder with a complete amino acid profile that gives it the perfect nutritional balance. This dietary supplement supports your fitness and weight-management goals. Because it contains a high level of plant proteins, it helps you to feel satiated enough to maintain your energy levels between meals. It also helps to keep your weight in check - one 30g serving contains an impressive 120 calories!

We use pea protein in addition to brown rice protein in our vegan protein powder because the pea has a complete amino acid profile, high levels of lysine, and an incredible 9 grams of protein per serving!

Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are twenty in nature, yet our bodies can only synthesize eleven. The remaining nine amino acids - “essential amino acids” - must come from our diet. A complete plant protein, like peas, contains all amino acids, also found in vegan foods like quinoa, hemp, and buckwheat.

Peas are a good source of Vitamin A, K, and C, as well as plant fiber, calcium, iron, folate, thiamin, manganese, and antioxidants. These legumes help to fight inflammation, especially crucial post-workout recovery.

When we launched The Plant Era, we aimed to develop the world’s best protein powder. We firmly believe that we have done so and created a nutritional powerhouse that works for everyone, no matter your diet!

Proper nutrition is central to leading a healthy life, especially if you‘re vegan, trying to lose weight, or are a high-performing athlete. Without the proper daily nutrition, performance and productivity will undoubtedly dip.

Our vegan pea rice protein powder contains all the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants essential for high-productivity and ultimate health.  It increases blood flow, lowers body fat, provides an energy-efficient food source, speeds up post-workout recovery times, and develops more efficient muscles.

Gluten-free Vegan Pea Rice Protein Powder

Our vegan pea rice powder is also gluten-free!

For celiacs and others who react adversely to gluten, this vegan protein powder is the perfect solution. It ensures that you don’t suffer digestive problems, experience fatigue, or bloating on ingestion. Also, vegan protein powders reduce your risk of succumbing to heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers by being gluten-free, low-calorie, and zero-cholesterol.

Plant-based proteins are also much healthier than animal protein like casein, collagen, or whey, because they contain less saturated fat, and digest better. Furthermore, they are packed full of antioxidants that fight inflammation, which means less damage to muscles, particularly vital for top-level athletes.

We supplemented our protein powder with 50% of the recommended daily vitamin B12 intake and 35% iron. Vitamin B12 is necessary for vegans and those on plant-based diets because this vitamin is only present in meat and dairy products, big no-no’s for vegans. Also, having healthy levels of B12 increases energy levels and can even improve mood and sleep.

Every 2.2 lb. package of our protein powder contains the following nutrients per serving:

  • 3g plant protein
  • 2g fat
  • 2g carbs
  • 4g plant fiber
  • 2g sugar
  • 7g sodium
  • 0g cholesterol

This quality supplement is excellent for helping to hit recommended daily protein levels. If you are a vegan athlete, excluding legumes in your daily diet, adequate daily achieving protein levels can be challenging.   

Another advantage of using our vegan pea rice protein powder is that it is full of plant fiber. Stave off constipation and other digestive problems like IBS with this supplement.

To cap it all, The Plant Era aid in weight management. Vegan protein powders help to lower BMI, contributing to weight loss. This nutritional supplement is also low-calorie, low-fat, and higher in fiber and essential nutrients.

Boost your daily nutrition, and reduce your caloric intake, boost your vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant intake and keep balanced and healthy every day with our nutritional vegan protein powder.

Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powder - Where Can I Buy? 

One of the best things about The Plant Era is its taste!

This vegan pea rice protein powder is delicious, soluble, and has a pleasing texture. It is incredibly refreshing without being gritty or sandy, and comes in two delicious flavors:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Strawberry Basil

The Plant Era is available for $65 as a one-time purchase, or for $50 on a monthly subscription (30 servings). For best use, store the product in a cold room, such as your pantry, away from direct sunlight. 

Use this nutritional supplement daily to boost your protein intake or 30 minutes after exercise to aid your post-workout recovery. This pea rice protein powder is also fine taken before a workout, first thing in the morning, or as a healthy mid-morning or afternoon snack.

To prepare, measure out one scoop of protein powder and mix with 300 ml of water, plant-based milk, or organic fruit juice. You could also use the protein powder as an ingredient in your cooking to boost protein levels in your food.

Another great way to enjoy this delicious supplement is in a smoothie that contains additional organic ingredients like:

  • Spinach, spirulina, kale, Swiss chard, or wheatgrass
  • Raw hemp seeds, flaxseeds, chia seeds, or pumpkin seeds
  • Plant-based milk – almond, coconut, or oat
  • Dates
  • Fruits and berries

Starting your morning with The Plant Era to enhance your cognitive ability and experience increased energy throughout your day. It is the perfect low-calorie, low-carb, high-protein supplement to keep you healthy and focused!

At The Plant Era, we’re committed to developing the best products that keep you at your best every day, all day.

The plant protein we use is 100% organic, which underlines our commitment to fighting climate change and carbon emissions by adopting sustainable business practices. We also steer clear of any synthetic or harmful ingredients like added sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, and caffeine. We also manufacture all our products in the United Kingdom in line with the strictest standards. 

This flagship product is meant to support those that fight for their health and well-being every day and won’t give up on their dreams. The Plant Era embodies that fire and wants to be the fuel that keeps you pushing to greater heights.

You can buy this vegan protein powder at your nearest health food store or our website. All online orders over $40 are eligible for standard free shipping worldwide.

When you buy The Plant Era protein powder, we donate 1% of all our profits to the United Nations. All donations go to help battle climate change and other environmental problems that the world faces today.

Try The Plant Era today, and experience all the benefits improved health and sustainability with this vegan pea rice protein powder for yourself!

The Plant Era vegan pea rice protein powder has a complete amino acid profile, which is why it isn’t strictly a vegan rice protein powder. A vegan brown rice protein powder has a complete amino acid profile, but is low in certain aminos hence the reason for combining the protein sources.

We decided to use peas as the alternate protein source because of the strong nutritional profile. They’re a great source of protein with 4 grams in a half cup. Peas also have amazing benefits such as fighting chronic disease and inflammation. This is especially key for muscle recovery. This is due to their antioxidant profile. 

Peas also have numerous vitamins (A, K, and C), manganese, fiber, folate, and phosphorus in them. They’re also supposed to aid in blood sugar levels - as does rice protein. Peas are a complete source of amino acids and for that reason we pair it with rice protein. Rice protein has all the essential amino acids but doesn’t have high levels of lysine. For this reason, they are a perfect combination together.  

The Plant Era is 100% committed to developing the world’s best protein powder. As an athlete, nutrition is just as important as exercise and as an entrepreneur, it’s equally important. This vegan rice protein powder with peas, also has vitamins and minerals which are critical for performance.

It’s immensely better for your performance, health, and the planet to use plant based protein powder than whey or casein. Going plant based reduces the saturated fat in the diet, and supplements your diet with loads more antioxidants that fight chronic disease and inflammation. Reducing inflammation is key to enhancing performance through better and faster recovery times. Additionally plant based diets are associated with a lower BMI. If you don’t believe it, then try it yourself! 

We supplemented the product with 50% of your daily vitamin B12 and 35% iron. Vitamin B12 is necessary for vegans and those on plant based diets because B12 is only gained through meat and dairy, unless you use B12 fortified products. B12 used to be gained from the dirt on plants and animals or from drinking river water in prehistoric times, but now it is only gained by animals from the grass they eat. Most plants don’t have them because of pesticides. 

A study has shown that up to 15% of the population (meat eaters included) may suffer from B12 deficiency. Having healthy levels of B12 fights fatigue, increases energy, and can even improve mood and sleep. We believe it’s of absolute necessity for a top tier performance.

The protein itself is organic and clean label. Given the current climate change crisis, we decided to make this company as sustainable as possible. The best way to do that was to use sustainable ingredients, including organic. The product itself is great for the body with no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, and other harmful ingredients.

In addition to using plant based sustainable ingredients, we will be donating 1% of all profits to the United Nations. All donations will be going to help fight climate change and other environmental problems. 

With 21 grams of vegan protein, this product is great to increase the daily protein intake and help hit necessary protein levels. As a vegan, excluding legumes, gaining ample protein can be challenging. Another perk of using this protein is that we didn’t include fiber in the product, given that most plant based diets have so much fiber in them already.

One of the most important factors with our protein powder is the taste, texture, and solubility. It taste extremely smooth and is refreshing and tasty. The sandy and gritty texture of many other vegan protein powders isn’t present and this is something which took nearly a year to fix. We are extremely proud of that development and contribution to the nutrition industry.

How Our Pea Rice Protein Powder Works 

The Plant Era protein powder is available for $65 as a one-time purchase, or $50 for a monthly subscription (over 30 servings). For best use, store in a room temperature place away from direct sunlight. To use, mix one scoop of protein powder with 300 ml of your favorite liquid. This could be water, plant based milk, or other options.

Our vegan protein powder is a great source of post workout recovery for any athlete: baseball players, weight-lifters, triathletes, and those looking to fuel their diet with a little something extra. As an entrepreneur, my diet and exercise are of upmost importance to me to stay focused and be making the right decision every day.

An alternate method of usage, is blending it in a smoothie. I love making a green powder smoothie to start my day off. For my smoothie recipe I mix the following with one scoop of the chocolate protein powder: 

  • Handful of spinach 
  • Tsp of hemp seeds
  • 1 cup almond milk 
  • Small handful of dates

Other great ingredients you could add to your smoothie are bananas, spirulina, mango, flax seeds, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds. The great thing about seeds are they’re high in omega 3s. Without fish in your diet, its imperative to try and gain your omegas another way. This is a great way of doing so. 

This recipe is great because it has antioxidants, healthy fats, and additional vitamins and minerals from the spinach, seeds, dates, and fortified milk! I find it extremely easy to throw in a handful of spinach to most my smoothies. 

When I start my day off with this smoothie, I notice a great difference in how I feel, my mood, and performance. It enhances my cognitive ability to focus, relax, and concentrate. It digests well and my body feels light and strong. It definitely beats a bowl of sugar filled processed cereal. 

The protein is best used thirty minutes after exercise for recovery purposes, but is fine to use before a workout, in the morning for breakfast, or as a healthy snack. It definitely beats a bag of potato chips, candy, or other poor snack choices!

We, at The Plant Era, commit to developing the best, so that you can be your best. 

We’re there for those that fight every day. That don’t quit. That don’t give up on their dreams. We embody that fire and want to be the fuel to push you every day.

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