Low Carb Vegan Protein Powder

Low Carb Vegan Protein Powder

The Plant Era has designed an excellent low carb vegan protein powder with 2g of total carbs. Yes, this vegan low carb protein powder has only 2 grams of carbs and over 20 grams of protein. I would argue it is not only the best low carb vegan protein powder, but also the best low carb protein powder on the market. 

As an Ironman, I understand the great importance of nutrition. Swimming 3.9 km, cycling 180 km, and running a marathon (42 km) is extremely hard on the body, but only possible if you treat nutrition as an art and a science. Your nutrition needs to be perfect with high quality foods and supplements or you would “bonk”. 

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Bonking is an endurance term that is a condition of sudden extreme fatigue and hitting a wall. This occurs when your body runs out of glycogen. At the same time during these races, if you’re eating too much, or the wrong food, it can cause GI discomfort, slow you down, or completely throw you off your game and ruin your race. 

The Plant Era has the best low carb plant based protein powder on the market and this comes down to a few factors. To start, it has a complete amino acid profile, on top of the perfect amount of protein (21 grams). Many protein powders lack a complete amino acid profile which is critical to getting the full amount from the protein. Having a complete amino acid profile benefits muscle recovery, growth, and even other aspects like hair, nails, and bone strength. 

We chose to use peas and rice as the protein sources because of their great nutritional benefits when coupled together. Peas are a great source of antioxidants which can aid the body in numerous forms, from preventing chronic disease to enhancing muscle recovery. They’re also a high protein, vitamin A, K, C, fiber, thiamine, folate, iron, phosphorus, and manganese. Peas don’t have the amino acid methionine and for that reason we also used rice to pair it with. 

These nutrients play a key role in muscle recovery and enhancement, along with bone support. Green peas are also known to help blood sugar levels, thereby decreasing the risk of diabetes and other similar diseases. 

Rice protein is also a great nutritional punch for the body. Vegan, soy free, and gluten free, it digest well thanks to it’s profile. It also aids blood sugar levels along with pea protein. It contains all the essential amino acids, but is low in lysine. Therefore, supplementing it with peas makes a great deal of sense! 

Our Low Carb Protein is Keto Friendly!

Completely keto friendly, it is great for those on keto diet or raw organic plant based diets. With no grams of sugar, and nothing artificial, it is one of the best protein shakes for your body. Great for post workout recovery, it aids muscle growth and recovery. 

The Plant Era wants to be a very sustainable nutrition company, which is why we use organic ingredients. Not only are organic ingredients great for the body, but they’re a much more sustainable food source. We are also donating 1% of profits to the United Nations to fight climate change and the environment. 

Unlike whey protein isolate, we supplement our product with vitamins and minerals to increase performance and health. For those plant based or vegan diets, you most likely either supplement your body with B12, drink fortified milk, or have a deficiency, given that you gain B12 from meat and dairy. Our product has 50% of your daily vitamin B12. 

This is a great thing for meat eaters as well given that 30% of the population has a deficiency in vitamin B12. B12 helps fight fatigue, give energy, and can potentially improve your sleep and mood. B12 deficiency can cause:

  • Muscle weakness 
  • Nerve deficiencies and weird feelings 
  • Difficulty with hand eye coordination and balance
  • IBS and other similar diseases
  • Mental illness 

We have also supplemented the diet with 35% of your daily intake of iron. This is great for those with anemia. Overall, this product compliments vegan and plant based diets extremely well due to the B12 and Iron. 

It is an excellent option to use for post-workout, in your morning shake, or as a healthy snack when feeling hungry. Alternatively depending on your goals and usage it can help weight weight loss or weight gain. 

The Plant Era organic protein powder is available in: chocolate flavored and strawberry basil. We will release a chocolate and vanilla at a later time. The vanilla bean is in R&D at the moment but will be ready for next year. It will be comprised of a blend of plant based protein sources and seeds. We will also be releasing a range of additional protein fruit flavors, which will be more similar to juice than a standard protein shake. 

For best use, mix a scoop into 300ml of your favorite liquid (water, plant based milk, or other options). Alternatively blend it with your favorite ingredients to make a smoothie. 

This link has an excellent smoothie recipe I use. It’s quick, easy, nutritious, and extremely healthy for the body and mind. The smoothie has plant based yogurt, fresh fruit, seeds, and I add in the strawberry basil protein powder. I find that when my days are filled with a power smoothie like this one, it really enhances my cognitive abilities and focus. Not to mention, my strength, endurance, and fitness at the gym are much better. 

Its filled with vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy fats to get you ready to smash your day and start it off on the right foot. Given the ingredient profile, it’s an extremely nutritious snack and has no processed or starchy carbs which is great for those on a low carb diet. 

It is retailed online at $65 and can be bought on subscription at $50 monthly which includes over 30 servings ($1.66 per serving). This is a great deal given that its organic, filled with necessary vitamins, and excellent high quality protein. 

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