Cleanest Vegan Protein Powder

Cleanest Vegan Protein Powder

Are you in need of a highly nutritional vegan protein supplement? If so, then you couldn't be in a better place. At the Plant Era, we are all about producing high-quality vegan supplements that are ideal for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and even people in busy careers. Our supplements are full of nutrients that help in muscle recovery and chronic disease prevention.

 The nutrition industry is full of many vegan protein supplements. Unfortunately, most products contain artificial ingredients in efforts to boost the protein content in the products. While high protein levels might help you in your lifestyle changes in the short term, it is only a matter of time before the artificial additives affect your health negatively.

For us at the Plant Era, we pride ourselves in conducting extensive research on how we can improve our products by keeping them both rich in nutrients and safe for consumption at the same time. Our focus on customer satisfaction has enabled us to establish ourselves as one of the most reliable and trusted dealers in vegan protein supplements.

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To develop our products, we rely on a unique combination of pea and rice, which helps us to come up with highly nutritional protein powders that are rich in protein and amino acid profiles. Our vegan pea rice protein powder has enough nutrients to improve the recovery of your muscles and get you ready to operate at your peak levels daily.

What are the Cleanest Vegan Protein Supplements?

The Plant Era is all about providing sustainable vegan solutions for our clients looking to integrate a healthy supplement to their day to day activities. As a result, all our products are non-GMO because we use no artificial additives or ingredients in the production of our protein supplements. Our vegan pea rice protein powder boasts of several minerals and vitamins that are essential for optimal body performance.

Peas have high nutrient concentration, precisely why we decided to use it as a core of our vegan protein supplement. Peas contain fiber, phosphorous, manganese, folate vitamin, K, A, and C. Rice protein, on the other hand, is rich in amino acids, which is ideal for muscle development and recovery. You can expect our vegan pea rice protein powders to boost your overall health and day to day performance.

Using plant-based protein supplements ensures that only clean nutrients enter your body. By using our products, you reduce your overall intake of saturated fats, which, as you might be aware, might lead to health complications in the future. The antioxidants obtained from the combination of pea and rice help to fight inflammation, consequently improving your overall muscle recovery time. 

Why are our Protein Powders Considered Clean?

As a trusted dealer in the nutrition industry, we are always keen on researching the ideal ways to improve the effectiveness of our products. Dealing with vegan supplements is challenging, especially since manufacturers have to look for alternative protein sources to ensure the product has the required nutrient levels. For us, we take it as our mission to balance the concentration of nutrients in a natural way. Our products contain 50% vitamin B12 and 35% iron per serving. The high concentration of B12 helps to ensure that you consume the required level of B12 to improve your health. Eating meat does not guarantee that your B12 levels are high. But with our products, you will maintain a consistent level of B12 that will give you excellent outcomes, especially if taken regularly.

We only use organic ingredients in manufacturing our products. At Plant Era, we never use sugar, dairy, artificial sweeteners, and potentially harmful ingredients in our supplements. We keep it simple and organic.  

 To suit the preferences of our different clients, we manufacture our vegan pea rice protein powders in two flavors, the Organic Dark Chocolate and the Organic Strawberry Basil. Do our flavors contain additives? Absolutely not, they are soy-free and without any artificial ingredients, which makes them ideal for day to day use.

The two flavors have a smooth taste and are easy to use. Our protein powders are 95% organic. That is, we use ingredients that are naturally grown without the interference of artificial chemicals like antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, and even artificial food additives.

Our organic ingredients are produced in a sustainable way that improves soil, uses less water and reduces pollution. Both our flavors are rich in vitamins and antioxidants; they also have reduced nitrate levels, thus reducing the risk of cancer.

 Performance-wise, plant-based diets have excellent muscle recovery benefits that do not expose you to avoidable health risks. This is why our two flavors are packed with healthy nutrients that are low in body fat and high in energy. For us at Plant Era, it is all about improving your health and overall body performance by providing sustainable nutrition solutions through our vegan pea rice protein powders.

 Our vegan pea rice protein powders come packed with 21 grams of vegan protein that helps to increase your daily intake of protein. We don’t include fiber in our vegan supplements since plant-based diets have high fiber concentration naturally.

Although we do not use any artificial additives, our vegan supplements have a smooth taste that makes them tasty and refreshing. Most supplements usually have a gritty and sandy texture that makes consumption a daunting task. We are different. Thanks to our extensive research on taste improvement, we have managed to come up with ways to make our flavors appealing and easy on your taste buds.

On top of using organic ingredients in developing our products, we also take pride in our pocket-friendly prices. For a one-time fee of $65, you can buy either our chocolate or strawberry flavored products. However, we recommend going for the money-saving subscription option that costs $50 a month. At The Plant Era, we are focused on improving the lifestyles of our clients through the production of world-class organic supplements. Our prices are among the friendliest in the nutrition industry, which is part of our mission is to make quality vegan protein supplements available to our clients at affordable prices.

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