Cheap Vegan Protein Powder

Cheap Vegan Protein Powder

Do you want a healthy and fully sustainable plant-based diet to improve your overall health and energy levels?  At the Plant Era, we pride ourselves on producing quality vegan protein powders at affordable prices.

The sports nutrition industry is highly competitive, with several manufacturers coming up with different products. Although there are many nutritional products in the healthy living industry, not all provide sustainable and nutritional values to clients. Most products that claim to be vegan-based lack the vital nutrients required for healthy living. This is where we come in, at Plant Era, we all about practical and fully nutritional vegan solutions.

Why Plant-Based Diets? Plant-based diets come with several benefits for people looking to improve their lifestyles. Did you know that taking up a plant-based diet can help you to avoid chronic illnesses, reduce inflammation, skin irritation, and improve your BMI?  While non-vegetarian diets will boost your overall protein levels, they tend to increase calorie levels and the concentration of saturated fats, which is not ideal.

Let's take a look at our plant-based protein powder

At Plant Era, our mission is to provide high-value diet solutions for our clients. Our products are the Dark Chocolate Organic Vegan Protein Powder and the Strawberry Basil Organic Vegan Protein Powder.  Both the products are packed with energy-boosting nutrients to increase performance and enhance muscle recovery.

Why use our Cheap Vegan Protein Powder

At Plant Era, we use vegan pea rice in the manufacture of our protein powders to ensure you get complete amino acid nutrition. The strong nutritional profile in our products helps us to stand out and provide world-class vegan protein powders that boost not only your energy levels but also your overall health and well-being.

We use peas as our alternative source of protein due to its rich nutritional value. Peas have an amazing antioxidant profile that is ideal for athletes, busy moms, or people with active lifestyles who require proper muscle recovery.

For just $65, you can purchase one of our high-value products and enjoy great benefits. We use peas, which contain manganese, folate, phosphorous, and vitamins A, C, and K. At Plant Era, we are 100% committed to developing world-class protein powders. We understand your energy needs, which is why we spend both the time and resources on conducting extensive research on how to make our products sustainable and healthy to use.

When you go the vegan way, you get a protein powder that offers several health benefits. Our vegan pea rice protein powder reduces the overall concentration of saturated fat in your diet and supplements it with disease-fighting antioxidants. The antioxidants are key to reducing inflammation, which is instrumental in improving muscle recovery times.

Here's the best part, on top of making our vegan pea rice protein powder products affordable, we also pack them up with valuable nutrients that aren't present in most protein supplements. Because B12 is only found through dairy and meat, we help our vegan clients gain this essential vitamin in healthy doses.

By purchasing our products, you get 50% of vitamin B12 as well as 35% iron; these nutrients are integral to keeping your body in prime condition. We ensure that our vegan pea rice protein powders are rich in B12, which helps to increase your energy while also improving sleep patterns and overall mood. 

As an athlete, outdoor, or fitness enthusiast, you must be aware of the need for a proper diet. You don’t have to be a professional muscle builder to use our products. We have structured our vegan pea rice protein powders to meet the needs of the busy mom or dad looking for a high nutrition protein supplement that is vegan.

Our Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder in a Nutshell

You can choose between our two types of organic plant-based protein powders. If you prefer a chocolate taste in your supplement, then you can go for our Organic Dark-Chocolate flavored protein supplement. Alternatively, you can try out our Organic Strawberry-Basil flavored protein. Whichever option you select, you can expect great tastes that are smooth and soy-free.

The Plant Era is known for its manufacture of clean protein supplements. We don’t add any artificial ingredients to your products, not even sugar. Both our vegan pea rice protein powder s come with 50% B12 concentration per serving, thus ensuring that you get the required dose of B12 for optimal body performance and muscle recovery.

With 20 amino acids included in our vegan pea rice protein powder formulas, your body will massively benefit and function at its peak as you continue taking the supplement. You get 21g of plant protein per serving, which is even more than what is offered by most non-vegan protein supplements. The lack of artificial ingredients keeps you safe from potential ailments associated with the introduction of harmful components into the body. 

We care about our clients; this explains why most of Plant Era's clients appreciate our commitment to developing our protein powders. When it comes to taste, our products are among the smoothest, if not the smoothest in the nutrition industry. Our vegan pea rice protein powders don't have the usually discouraging and annoying gritty and sandy texture; they are tasty and refreshing, leaving you longing for the next serving.

Are there Subscription Packages?

As a fully committed nutritional company, we care more about the welfare of our clients than making profits. We are always keen on journeying with you, which is why we have a monthly subscription plan designed to help you save money. Instead of buying our powders for $65 when you take up the one-time purchase option, you can choose to go the subscription way and pay $50 for our monthly plan. Healthy living is not a one-time thing; it is a habit that should be nurtured to improve your overall health, muscle recovery, and resistance to chronic illnesses. We recommend trying out our subscription plan to save on costs. But, if you choose the one-time purchase option, then you are still well placed to save compared to other protein supplements in the market.
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