Affordable Vegan Protein Powder

Affordable Vegan Protein Powder

For decades, protein powders have been entirely dependent on animal-based sources. This meant vegans and vegetarians could not conscientiously use any of these products.

With the vegan movement growing so much in recent years, more and more people have found themselves bereft of any suitable protein powder.

Thus, a revolution was underway to find an alternative protein powder that’s suitable for vegans, one that came entirely from plant-based sources.

A lot of enthusiasts and experts said it was impossible. Sure, they admitted, some protein can be sourced from plants. But the quality and quantity were not sufficient for producing a reliable product.

Whey has been the dominant protein source for most powders. Bodybuilders swear by its complete amino profile that’s crucial for building lean muscle mass. In fact, many have expressed concern that a plant-based protein powder would give them subpar results.

However, this has all turned out to be wildly inaccurate.

A recent study showed that protein powders made from pea and rice can compete with conventional animal-based sources. In fact, they have the same levels of strength and performance.

That means you can use a vegan protein powder, even if you compete at the highest levels. (And you don’t have to be vegan either.)

To be sure, it is a bit shocking to hear that pea and rice have the same protein load as whey. Pea and rice aren’t exactly known for being high protein foods.

However, it turns out that rice has a complete amino profile, although it’s relatively deficient in a few amino acids, such as lysine.

That’s why combining it with pea protein is the perfect solution. Pea is also one of those food sources that is surprisingly rich in protein. It has around 4 grams for every half cup.

Pea is also rich in nutritional content, particularly antioxidants. It helps ward off certain diseases like cancer. For the bodybuilder, it can lead to faster muscle recovery and repair.

Also, both rice and peas are fantastic at controlling blood sugar levels. As a bodybuilder, this can help you regulate sugar crashes and spikes much better than a conventional whey protein powder.

Why choose an affordable vegan protein powder?

The good news is that affordable protein powders exist in the market. That means it’s easy to introduce them to your existing workout regimen.

But why would you want to?

Here are some reasons:

First, they’re one of the cleanest sources of protein you can ever get. Plant-based protein powders don’t have any extras like saturated fat that can get in the way of your recovery. Everything in it is designed to give you a substantial protein boost.

They are also clean in the sense that they are safe for the environment. Peas and rice are both sourced from plants, which are much more sustainable to cultivate.

These plants do not leave any carbon footprint that harms the planet. This is definitely not the case with animal farming (from which whey is derived). Indeed, animals account for more carbon output than all industrial pollution combined.

Thus, affordable vegan protein powders are the best way to help both you and the Earth at the same time!

The second reason why vegan protein powders are better is that they’re easier to digest.

Whey protein powders are sourced from milk. Unfortunately, if you’re part of the 65% of the population that’s lactose intolerant, you’re out of luck. Even if you’re not, whey protein is generally harder to digest.

Vegan protein powders don’t suffer from this problem. That makes them less taxing on your body to digest.

Third, vegan protein powders are much more nutrient-dense compared to whey protein. The rice and peas are jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Some of these nutrients are actually crucial for bodybuilders, and these nutrients are not found in whey protein. Chief among these is Vitamin B12, which is a natural energy and sleep booster. It’s also great for fighting off fatigue.

Lastly, vegan protein powders are overall healthier than whey protein. There is increasing evidence that points to the benefits of a plant-based diet. Some of these include lower blood pressure and cancer risk.

So, in many ways, vegan protein powder is superior to the whey protein we’re all used to.

So what is the most affordable vegan protein powder? 

If you’re looking for the most affordable and value-for-the-money option, look no further than The Plant Era.

The Plant Era’s pea and rice vegan protein powder is the result of thousands of hours of meticulous research and experimentation. It was developed by an Ironman athlete who wanted the best vegan protein powder in the market.

Each serving of our vegan protein powder contains 21 grams of pure protein, without any added fat. It’s also unsweetened with no added sugar. This makes our protein powder an excellent low carb option.

We have also loaded our vegan protein powder with 50% of the recommended daily intake of B12 and 35% of the recommended daily intake of Iron. These are crucial nutrients that are hard to get from natural sources. Our B12 and iron boost mean you’ll have a greater capacity to fight fatigue after your workout routine.

95% of all the ingredients we use are also certified organic. There’s no added artificial anything in this protein powder. All you get is from plants sourced straight from Mother Nature.

In light of all of this meticulous formulation, one would expect this product to be extremely expensive. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised that The Plant Era is actually quite cheap.

Each pack of vegan protein powder costs $65 and is suitable for up to 33 servings. That can last you more than a month, even for the most persistent bodybuilders. You can pick between two great flavors: Organic Dark Chocolate and Strawberry and Basil.

That price is comparable to most of the big-name whey protein powders out there.

However, you’ll see even more significant savings when you choose the Subscription option.

For the price of $50, you’ll get 30 servings every month. This is delivered straight to your doorstep in your desired timeframe.

This brings the cost per serving down to just $1.57! That’s a substantial 20% savings from buying it one-at-a-time!

You can also cancel anytime if you’re not happy with the results, or any other reason for that matter. It’s a low-risk option for you to try one of the best vegan protein powders in the market today.

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