What is the Nordic Diet?

What is the Nordic Diet?

Deriving from Scandinavia, the Nordic Diet is becoming very popular outside of it.

Its principle is based on a healthier diet with foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin D, and omega-3s that will allow you to live longer and in better health.

Composed of fish, oats, and berries, this trendy new diet promotes fresh and high quality products, banishing processed food.

Also called the “New Nordic Diet”, it pushes us to consume more ethically by focusing on local and seasonal food.

Here is some information you might need concerning this diet, its principles, advantages and results.

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 How it works

The goals of the Viking diet is simple. Focus on foods with antioxidant properties to fight against aging, vitamin D to fortify your bone capital, Omega-3s to protect arteries, and fibers for an improved digestive tract. It is highly recommended to eat fish, seafood, algae, fruits and seasonal vegetables (in particular berries and roots), and whole grains. Meat is tolerated if it is lean and high quality.

Staying away from industrial food, ready to eat meals, starches, and sugar are recommended. 

For vegans, one can eat algae, fruits, seasonal vegetables and whole grains, and add omega-3s supplements to their diet.



One of the greatest benefits of this diet is the great multitude of choices for food options. 

It also fights against cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancers; proven to aid in weight loss; and is nutritionally complete. 


The primary disadvantage is the fish sources; Some fish contain unavoidable heavy metals like mercury, which are dangerous for your health. 

To avoid the risks, it’s recommended to reduce your fish intake. Certain products like seafood or herring also contain a lot of purines and aren't recommended for those suffering from arthritis. 


According to a 12 year study on 60,000 Danes aged from 50 to 64 years old, with a goal to observe the Nordic diet benefits, researchers observed a drop in the mortality rate.

Various studies still demonstrate that the plant-based diet is the best for overall health and sustainability. 

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