The Noom Diet, Explained in Less Than 175 Words

The Noom Diet, Explained in Less Than 175 Words

It’s well known that fad diets aren’t sustainable in the long run versus healthy and conscious eating. Noom, a weight loss and meal planning app, has over 45 million users and is one of the most googled diets of 2019. 

Noom doesn’t cut out specific nutrients and encourages eating whole and nutrient dense foods. It develops a personalized calorie target based on lifestyle and one can receive 1-1 feedback during business hours. You track your exercise, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and foods (by scanning the barcode) in their database. The app which was developed by behavioral psychologists, claims their theory is that it tricks your body into healthy habits faster. 

The app which has been successful for 77% of users after nine months has also created a support forum for their community of users. 

It cost $45 a month and has a 14-day free trial. Although it claims it will trick your body into weight loss, it reinforces old school principles that are free: discipline, accountability, and consistency.

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