The Best Movies for Fitness Inspiration

The Best Movies for Fitness Inspiration

We all have those days lacking in energy and motivation. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get yourself going again. 

Here are our top movies to binge on in the weekend for much needed motivation. 


Kuno Becker stars as Santiago Munez, the son of a gardener in L.A. who gets a chance to trial for Newcastle United. Facing numerous obstacles along the way, Santiago is a true rags to riches story, with no one believing in him initially, including his father. 


boxing sports

The most recent sequel in the Rocky series features Michael B. Jordan as Donnie, Adonis Creed’s son from an extramarital affair. Donnie is following his footsteps and dream to become a professional boxer. The dramatic film features him as a young boy in the system to later gaining a lucky shot at glory in the boxing world.

Adonis showcases the work ethic, determination, and persistence of most Rocky films. 


This inspiring film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Billy “the Great” Hope and his wife, Maureen (Rachel McAdams). Southpaw showcases the some of the most challenging hardships of life in Billy's personal journey.

Following Billy from his peaks, to his ultimate lows, this film will instill a sense of motivation in you to keep going. 



Starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, Warrior invokes a wide range of emotions to most viewers. It follows two estranged brothers in a global cage fighting championship tournament.

I won't ruin the ending, but will say it will be one of the most emotional films you watch. 


Miracle, a true story based on the 1980 Olympics showcases the underdog United States versus the Soviet Union powerhouse in hockey.

Coach Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell) does an excellent job of uniting the team of individuals from rivalry colleges to become one of the most famous teams in history. 

A real underdog story, Miracle, is a must-watch. 

Rocky / Rocky 4 

rocky sports

All Rocky films should be on this list, but we opted for the two most popular: Rocky 1 and 4. 

The original Rocky is a special film as it showcases Rocky Balboa rising up from being a poor street kid in Philly to taking on the world champion, Apollo Creed. Famous for his scenes of punching the meat, he truly was scrapping by at that time. 

A case can be made that Rocky 4 is the best Rocky of all time: the music, the training montage, loss of a close friend, and victory, it is not only an underdog match, but most fear Rocky could lose his life in doing so. The match was bigger than sports though, featuring the East vs West rivalry.  


Named as one of the most inspirational sports films in the last 25 years in two surveys by ESPN users and ESPN experts, Rudy is a true story of persistence, determination, and willingness to not give up.  

Not having the grades nor athleticism to gain entry into Notre Dame, Rudy enrolls in a nearby school. Facing rejection multiple times, Rudy finally gains a chance to pursue his dream. 

A feel good underdog story, Rudy shows us the rewards of persistence and to never give up on your dreams, despite the obstacles and doubters in life. 

Honorable Mention: Never Back Down, Million Dollar Baby, Fight Club

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