The Best Foods to Boost Your Immune System

The Best Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Given the current climate of the world, most people are looking to safeguard their health and boost their immune systems.

Sleep, rest, and exercise are all great ways to aid the immune system, but more important is the role that food plays in improving the immune system. Here are some great foods to aid your immune system:


Citrus Fruits

Potentially the most notorious foods associated with boosting the immune system! They're packed with vitamin c which aids numerous functions of the immune system and increases white blood cells to fight infections. 

Red Bell Peppers 

Peppers actually have some of the largest amounts of vitamin c in foods and double that of citrus. They contain beta carotene which does wonders for your skin and eyes. 


Your mother was right when she always made you finish your vegetables and snack on broccoli. They're packed with vitamin a, c, e, and loads of minerals. 


Sprucing up your food or tea with ginger can make a big difference. It is known to decrease inflammation and chronic pain. 


A food that can easily be put into meals and smoothies, spinach contains vitamin c, antioxidants, and beta carotene. Antioxidants are key for boosting the immune system!


They're a great source of vitamin e and healthy fats. Curious to learn more about fats and how they can aid your body? Check out our blog post on it. 


Containing flavonoids, a type of antioxidant which are key for the immune system, teas are an excellent way to bolster the immune system and tea drinkers live notoriously longer, and healthier, lives. Read more about the benefits of drinking tea here


Loaded with b vitamins, riboflavin, and niacin, mushrooms aid with severe flus and play a large role in a healthy immune system.

Sweet Potato

Containing beta-carotene, like peppers, and vitamin a, sweet potatoes are a tasty and nutritious treat for the body.

Acai Berry

Largely filled with anthocyanins, a type of flavanoid which give food it's color, acai berries provide the body with many benefits including improving visual activity, reducing cancer cell proliferation, preventing diabetes, and lowering the risk of damage to cognitive and motor functions. 


What do all of these foods have in common? They're all plant-based. Since I began my vegan diet a year ago, I've noticed a tremendous difference in my immune system due to the large amount of vegetables in my diet now and would highly recommend trying to incorporate more vegetables into your daily diet. 

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