Amino Acids Explained in Under 150 Words

Engineering Team 8 comments
Amino acids explained in under 150 words
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Omega-3s Explained

Nicholas Orsini 3 comments

What are Omega-3s? Omega-3s are fatty acids that the body doesn’t produce naturally and stem from your diet. They are key to the body and provide a number of health benefits. There are three types of Omega-3s: ALA, DHA, and EPA. ALA derive from plant-based sources, whereas DHA and EPA come from fatty fish and fish oil. What do Omega-3s do? The most important Omega-3s are DHA and EPA which play a pivotal role in the body. EPA can reduce chronic inflammation and may reduce symptoms of depression. DHA is a structural component in the retinas and skin, while also...

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Plant-Based Diets Explained in Under 200 Words

Nicholas Orsini
Plant-based diets explained in under 200 words.
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