Should you workout while sick? 200 word explainers

Should you workout while sick? 200 word explainers

For most of us, getting sick happens at the most inconvenient times, especially when we’re doing great with our exercise routine and not missing a day. All of a sudden a cold or flu comes and the routine has been thrown out of whack!

Should you skip the workout or push through it? According to experts, it depends on what you’re sick with. Exercising with a cold might be okay, but if you have a fever then it’s best to stay clear of the gym. 

If you have a fever and exercise, that could make you even more sick. This is due to your body temperature raising, according to Lewis Maharam, MD, and sports medicine expert. He also claims that you should think about what you can do and can’t do. If you can barely move, then don’t try to workout. 

A general rule of thumb most people and many doctors consider is the neck check. If your symptoms are below your neck it’s best not to workout. If they’re above your neck, then one should be mindful but it’s probably okay to try and workout. If any symptom is below the neck (sore throat, fever, bronchial cough) it’s advisable not to exercise.

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