How to Improve Sustainability in the Kitchen

How to Improve Sustainability in the Kitchen

Did you know that living a sustainable life in the kitchen can go beyond your eating habits? Buying utensils that are sustainably sourced is a great step to take - especially if you’re in the process of building up your kitchen space. At 21 years old, I have entered that stage in life where I am creating my own independent space. This means no more mooching off of my mom’s impressive kitchen artillery -- it’s time that I create my own. Knowing that I wanted to buy products that were sustainable, ethical, and most importantly - cute, I set out on some research. Here are 3 of my FAVORITE products I have found so far!


Cactus Sponges

Okay, I KNOW it sounds CRAZY. Cacti are prickly little plants that can certainly make us regret ever touching them, so why would we ever want to actually HOLD something made from them? Well, these Twist Scrub sponges are made from the cellulose of the plant, and better yet they have no plastic, dye, or toxic glues! That means that these are 100% compostable and much better for the environment than your typical plastic-made kitchen sponge. Find where you can buy twist sponges for your own home by clicking the link here!

Some Clean Soap!

Everyone knows that soap “cleans” our dishes, but most dish soaps do the opposite for the environment! Since dish soaps typically have a lot of chemicals that act as pollutants (such as detergents), it’s best to choose a brand that is made completely biodegradable! Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap is an incredible option to consider. It contains plant-derived ingredients and a wonderful citrusy scent to effectively cut through grease and clean your dishes. Check out the product HERE on Amazon and see what the hype is all about!

Bamboo-zled Dish Cloths

Bamboo is a wonderful crop. It’s a fast-growing grass, requires no fertilizers, and even regenerates itself from its own roots! That’s why I chose to purchase bamboo kitchen towels to use instead of typical single-use paper towels. They’re fast-drying and easy to clean, making them the perfect product for many adults. I love these from Amazon - they’re market with different colored borders so I know exactly which ones I use for different purposes!

So there you have it, 3 kitchen necessities with a sustainable twist. I hope you found these useful and even consider making them part of your home!

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