How to Cycle Across America

How to Cycle Across America

For the bold, daring, and adventurous, the mere aspect of cycling across the continental United States makes us twinge with a hint of excitement. The mystery, challenge, and unexpectedness of this great trek. For those considering this odyssean journey, here are four ways of utmost importance to begin with. 

Invest Accordingly 

Having the right gear and equipment is critical to making it across the trek alive. Making the decision to forego a support caravan could mean you will face life or death situations (this isn’t something I would recommend). 

It’s key to realize that one size doesn’t fit all with your equipment. 

For those looking to cover as much distance as fast as possible, then the only necessities are a credit card, racing bike, allen wrench, spare tire kit, extra shorts, and a camelback. On the other hand, if one wants to spend more time then camping gear, cooking equipment, and a durable touring bike would be necessary. Keep in mind though your body needs to be geared for the extra weight. 


Perfect Your Nutrition 

A 90km cycle ride can burn more than 2,500 calories. 

Think of your body as a car and nutrition as fuel. Focus on carbs to give you energy. For meals, I really enjoyed foods heavy in good fats and protein to curb my appetite. Be wary of foods high in fiber when you're going long distances. And for breakfast or post-ride evening, I would recommend our plant-based protein powder to aid muscle recovery. 


Build Skills and Endurance

Crossing the United States is not to be underestimated. 

Elevation in Texas can exceed 2,100 feet; temperatures in Death Valley regularly exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit; with the journey potentially exceeding 4,800km. For one to endure the conditions, your body must be properly acclimated to the climate, distance, terrain, and harsh conditions. 

Air pumps and bike shops aren’t located on every street corner, one must be prepared for any situation (flat tires, broken spokes, etc.) and should develop the skills prior to ensure safety if foregoing the caravan. 


Change Your Mindset

Cycling for hours a day through soreness, pain, and extreme conditions is tremendously difficult. The ability to motivate yourself through your lowest points and overcome failure is a necessity to accomplish cycling from coast to coast. 

Regardless of the challenges, cycling across the continental United States is a remarkable experience and one which is highly recommended. 

Achieve your greatest goals, even if it’s so big it scares you.

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