How to Build an Ironman Ready Body

How to Build an Ironman Ready Body

Training for an Ironman? Prepare for grueling training days that will challenge every part of you and put you in the best shape of your life. 

A three discipline sport that can span up to sixteen hours in one day, Ironman training requires significantly more than standard endurance training. 


Flexibility is a key aspect to reduce stiffness, improve performance, prevent injury, and speed up recovery.

Muscle imbalances caused by stress, poor posture, and / or overworking and underworking certain muscle groups result in decreased performance and poor posture. To solve muscle imbalance, it’s key to stretch out the overactive muscles. 

Additionally, stretching can improve the range of motion can improve performance due to the mechanics and increase the blood flow to the muscles. 


Have you ever seen an Ironman look like a professional powerlifter? Neither have I…

Regardless, strength training is still fundamental. Ensuring a strong core aids with coordination and injury prevention, while having the strength to attack cycling hills and an open water ocean swim is absolutely necessary (your triceps and shoulders will feel it!). 


Often overlooked with triathlon training, power can add a huge edge to a racer’s performance. Focus on tabatas, interval training, and incorporate supersets with functional and explosive lifts to maximize your performance. 


“If you can sustain, you will last”. 

Ensure to incorporate one long 30-35 km run and 2-3 full cycling rides before race day (180km and nothing less), followed by an hour run. 

During the week, focus on recovery and interval trainings. 


Your race day nutrition will determine your performance and if you will finish. Next to endurance, nutrition is the most important aspect. 

Nutrition throughout your training is just as important and will make all the difference. Remember though do what works for you and your body to ensure safe and healthy habits. 

To ensure your body is Ironman ready, requires time, consistency, discipline, and loads of willpower. If you can do this though, you will absolutely feel fulfilled.

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