How to be a better person in 2020

How to be a better person in 2020

2019 has been a historic year, but like any other year, most of us are worn out by Christmas time. A year of challenges, accomplishments, failures, arguments, friendship, love, and heartbreak can exhaust us. Many people may subscribe to the idea that to be a better person, one needs to improve their wallet, physique, or dating life, but that isn't always the case. 

January provides a clean slate to re-evaluate your prior year and set new goals and a New Year's Resolution for yourself. Here are five ways to become a better and more successful person in 2020. 


Be Kinder

Seeing kindness in today's world can be a breath of fresh air. Being kind to others can provide many benefits, including increasing happiness and reducing anxiety - something many people could benefit from. 

Go out of your way, give back to the less fortunate, and treat people with equal respect and kindness. It really isn't that hard. 


Put Down the Phone

 mental health

As the CEO of The Plant Era, having a smartphone enables me to do so much more whenever and wherever. But always being on the phone can impede personal relationships, sleep, and engaging with others. 

Try and charge your phone away from your bed at night, or even in another room. When you're out, turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode. During dinner with your family, put it in another room. 

Make a conscious decision to improve your health, relationships, and sleep. 


Set a Goal that Scares You


The larger the goal and more difficult the journey, the greater the reward is. Everyone sets internal limits for themselves; the most successful people in life understand that limits are meant to be broken. Only you can set your own limit. 

Challenge your limits - whether they're fitness, business, art, politics, or science - you can accomplish much more than you believe. Streamline your focus, create a plan, and instill a habit of discipline in yourself. 

Think big and go for it.

You might be mocked or called crazy, but as Steve Jobs once said, "The ones who see things differently – they're not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the one thing you can't do is ignore them, because they change things… Because the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. Think different.” 


Forgive yourself 

Understand that you're only human. You might fall off your horse when it comes to eating, drinking, exercising, or whatever your goals might be. But don't let that stop you from improving and doing better the next day, or the next week. 

Consistency is key. Be consistent and don't give up on yourself.

Whatever you do, never give up on yourself. 


Be Informed

To say that 2019 has been filled with major events is an understatement. 

The world is at a pivotal time in history and it's important that people are informed and seek clarity on the truth - making a conscious effort to make informed decisions. 

But much more than that, its important to respect other's beliefs and be more tolerant of others who don't always see eye to eye to you.

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