A Week in the Life of Ironman Training

A Week in the Life of Ironman Training

The Ironman. One of the world’s most challenging races. The 4km swim, 180km cycle, and 42km run can wear out the best of athletes. Curious about what a week of Ironman training looks like? Take a look at the week a month before my race day in Italy. 


No workout; foam rolling for thirty minutes to roll out the knots from the weekend’s intense training.

Diet: consuming primarily plant-based foods. Breakfast was oatmeal, lunch a chickpea salad, and dinner was a black dahl (my favorite). 


Weight training in the morning with all functional lifts (squat, dead-lift, bench) and body-weight exercises. Strong focus on core exercises and recovery, with a special focus on nutrition and protein afterwards. 

Interval swim in the outdoor pool of Fisketorvet in Copenhagen with 3200m. 400m at 8/10 intensity, 2400m at 7/10 intensity, and 400m at 8/10 intensity. 

Body is a bit sore, but have maintained a large focus on not over training. Maintained the plant-based approach throughout the day with the same breakfast as yesterday, falafel wrap for lunch, and a tofu wok for dinner. 


Started the day with a light morning jog for 5km. In the evening, I cycled for an hour, thirty minutes which comprised of interval training on the bicycle with a focus on the “aero position” or curving your back in true cycling form to aid with speed. 


Weight training in the morning with a similar approach to Tuesday, but had a heavier focus on the shoulders and triceps due to the swim. Followed up with The Plant Era organic vegan protein shake

The rainy evening consisted of a cold 3800m swim in open water on the Copenhagen Ironman swim course. Diet has stayed disciplined, but incorporated more carbs to ensure energy levels stay high. 


Recovered on the bike for 45 minutes at 6/10 pace. Finished it off with foam rolling for a half hour and a beer to settle the nerves. 


Woke up at 7:00AM. Cycled the full Ironman distance (180km); it was extremely rainy, pouring, and windy. Took much longer than expected due to the winds. Maintained a solid race pace with eating a protein bar, banana, and gel every hour, while staying hydrated with two bottles of water each hour. 

It was a grueling session though and took over seven hours to complete. One of my hardest training days of the year. 


Made sure to catch up on sleep today. Swam 4km in the Copenhagen IM swim course at race pace.

Treated myself to vegan pizza and ice cream as a cheat day. 

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