4 Delicious Recipes with Organic Vegan Protein Powder

4 Delicious Recipes with Organic Vegan Protein Powder

Protein is an essential nutrient required daily which excels our bodies recovery. It is especially important to our muscles. Working out damages and tears your muscles, protein helps to rebuild the muscle, and gives a feeling of satiety, ensuring you don’t feel hungry after eating. An easy and efficient way to consume protein is through a protein shake, or mixing protein powder into certain recipes. Gotten tired of shakes? No worries, there are numerous other more exciting ways to consume protein powder and we hope that this guide inspires you to cook tasty meals and delicious drinks with our organic vegan protein powder.
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If you can’t decide between eating a healthy and delicious breakfast, you should give our protein pancakes a try. These pancakes are a tasty treat, even for those who don’t usually crave pancakes! Protein pancakes are relatively healthy with our organic, no sugar, protein powder, and coconut flour!

protein pancakes


Does anyone disagree that banana bread tastes amazing? What if we told you that you’re able to bake healthy banana bread? When you make it with protein powder, it’s packed with protein and is natural and gluten-free. This banana bread recipe containing our vegan protein powder, gives a moist and tender texture which is super delicious as a snack or for breakfast. It’s really easy to cook.

banana bread

Another great option to use your plant-based protein powder is in smoothies. Here, you can make the most delicious and fresh protein smoothies very easily. A smoothie will work out perfectly as your post-workout for an extra protein boost or simply just as a nutritious vegan snack. On my busy days, I love having a smoothie for lunch. It’s quick and easy. 

smoothie with organic vegan protein powder

The last recipe we recommend is Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles. They taste delicious and are super easy to make with a cooking time of only 25 minutes. They can easily become the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet cravings, without feeling guilty. 

chocolate truffles



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